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our service is worth it. 

Every company faces ongoing challenges, whether related to daily operations or fundamental decisions that can shape the future of your hotel.

Mistakes are often made in these situations, which could prove costly for you later on.

Expansion scenario

Your business is running smoothly, and you aim to expand the existing hotel. A significant decision, such as remodeling or expanding a hotel often involves challenging aspects: the closure of parts or the entire operation, sometimes for several months, a financial burden to manage, precise calculation, and planning.


We guide you throughout the entire process – from analyzing the existing hotel and planning the necessary room expansion, to detailed financial calculations, finding the right financing partner, and commissioning the craftsmen. This sets the groundwork for a successful expansion.

Succession scenario

Hotel businesses often are family enterprises that get passed down from generation to generation. The transition process is inherently emotional and challenging for all parties involved. In such cases, having a reliable partner by your side becomes even more crucial. The transfer of a business to individuals outside the family adds further complexity to the process.


We act as mediators between current and new operators, assisting you – possibly in collaboration with tax advisors, lawyers, and other experts whose cooperation we coordinate on your behalf – in preparing and executing the succession.

Crisis scenario

It often happens that hotel occupancy rates decline – the causes can be diverse: Perhaps your hotel is not listed on crucial platforms like or TripAdvisor, making it hard to find. The hotel may have received poor reviews in the past or simply no longer meets guests' expectations.

In such cases, a complete realignment of hotel operations may be necessary to ensure continued success –  our services are here to assist you in this situation as well.

Strengthening corporate culture

Working together with you and your team, we assess the current and desired state of your company and collaborate closely to develop tailored solutions in marketing and philosophy. Additionally, the testing of operational hotel management, one of our services, can provide significant added value here.




Initial contact

The first contact is completely non-binding for both you and us. You describe your concerns to us, and we will clarify whether, when, and how we can support you with our services.


Basic investigation

In the next step, we work together to precisely define how we can assist you with our services and what goals we aim to achieve together. This is documented in an individually tailored contract.


Performance phase

Depending on the type of service required, we offer our availability for either a short or extended period, providing comprehensive advice with our full expertise during this phase.

>> Our Passion for your Success <<

Our services are as unique as the companies we provide them for. 

We would be happy to submit a non-binding offer to you.

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